Digital Advertising Features on Customer Purchase Intention


  • Julia Tan Yin Yin Xiamen University, China
  • Yan Li Feng Xiamen University, China



Digital advertising, purchase intention, pictorial cue, repetition, sensory store


Advertisement denotes a standard strategy of attracting public interest and facilitating purchase decisions. This research aims to determine the digital advertisement feature effects on consumer purchase intent in Malaysia. A cross-sectional design was employed to gather quantitative data from 361 Malaysian respondents with a digital survey. Additionally, SPSS was utilised to assess the digital advertising-purchase intention relationship. Resultantly, pictorial cues, repetition, and sensory stores significantly influenced Malaysian consumers’ purchase intention. Following the motivation theory, this research identified a relationship between digital advertising feature effects and purchase intention power that proved inadequate in past studies. The study outcome proved vital in rearranging advertising methods to be more appealing and informative for customers to receive clear and precise knowledge.




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Yin Yin , J. T. ., & Feng, Y. L. (2021). Digital Advertising Features on Customer Purchase Intention . Journal of Entrepreneurship and Business, 9(1), 50–57.