Gig Work in Post Pandemic Times: Does it an Agile Work Structure?


  • Syuhaida Mohamed Universiti Malaysia Terengganu
  • Nik Hazimah Nik Mat Universiti Malaysia Terengganu



Gig economy is known as situations where workers work based on demand or known as ‘online gig work’, or on-demand economy’. The purpose of this paper is to explore the effectiveness of gig work configuration to overcome the post pandemic impacts. Qualitative research design is employed to answer the research question. Data for this study was collected from the online sellers in Malaysia using online interview. The phenomenology approach is adopted to analyses the data with labour context perspectives. Thematic analysis was used to interpret the interview data. The underlying assumption of gig works implementation are explored and lead to the understanding of its effectiveness in terms of providing sustainable income and solving financial difficulties due to the Covid-19 impacts. Findings suggest that most Malaysia gig workers was involved in the gig works due to financial difficulties during pandemic. However, the potential of this flexible work structure outnumbered its challenges, suggesting a huge opportunity for gig works system to be utilized by the people. Findings also discovered the awareness among respondents to equip themselves with communication skills, content writing, information technology, leadership skills and product knowledge. The findings imply that the social support could be geared up to assist the people in dealing with the challenges of this flexible work system realizing its huge potential to minimize the detrimental impacts of the pandemic and uncertain economic conditions.




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Mohamed, S., & Mat, N. H. N. . (2023). Gig Work in Post Pandemic Times: Does it an Agile Work Structure?. Journal of Entrepreneurship and Business, 11(2), 56–68.