The Influence of Individual Characteristics in Predicting Mobile Commerce Usage Activities' Continuance Intention


  • Azyanee Luqman
  • Razli Che Razak
  • Mohammad Ismail
  • Mohd Afifie Mohd Alwi



Continuance intention, expertise; individual characteristics, personal innovativeness, self-efficacy


There are relatively few prior post-adoption studies that delineate the influence of individual characteristics on mobile commerce usage activities. Due to that, this article aims to examine the continuance intention of mobile commerce usage activities among Malaysian consumers by enhancing the original Expectation-Confirmation Model (ECM) framework. Apart from maintaining the perceived usefulness construct, the research framework was extended by incorporating individual characteristics construct, which comprise three factors, namely personal innovativeness, expertise, and self-efficacy. Data was collected from 632 consumers and analyzed using the Partial Least Squares structural equation modelling technique. Findings revealed that the individual characteristics construct is secondary to satisfaction and a better predictor compared to perceived usefulness in explaining 33.3% of the variance in continuance intention. Among the three individual characteristics' factors, self-efficacy denotes the highest beta value strengths, followed by expertise, and personal innovativeness. Therefore, mobile commerce application developers should focus on designing applications that would satisfy the consumers' expectations as well as take consumers? individual characteristics into consideration owing to the fact that consumers' differences change over time. Gaining a better understanding of consumers' individual characteristics would be valuable and beneficial for the providers of mobile commerce in constructing effective marketing strategies to promote continued use among the consumers.




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Luqman, A. ., Che Razak, R. ., Ismail, M., & Mohd Alwi, M. A. . (2021). The Influence of Individual Characteristics in Predicting Mobile Commerce Usage Activities’ Continuance Intention. Journal of Entrepreneurship and Business, 4(2), 54–69.